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The Benefits Of Owning Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

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When providing services to the public, all businesses seek to provide the utmost in comfort for their clients. This extends to the type of equipment they use in their line of business. Nothing can provide a more relaxing atmosphere than the pipeless pedicure chair. Both client and therapist will find this chair a wonderful addition to the performance of the service.

Outdated chairs offered none of the advantages we see today. Despite all the efforts of the person performing the service, the procedure proved to be messy at best. Water that was used was confined to a basin. Today’s clients demand better treatment.

These style of chairs offer the best to be had in sanitation. They are manufactured in a way where the attached pipes remove all semblance of foot debris. Soaps, lotions, and dead skin cells are all whisked away. Clean water can be added as needed.

Hygiene is the most popular of advertisement’s. All clients are looking for salons that offer the utmost in cleanliness. Both comfort and sterility should be afforded to your clientele. Doing so will result in repeat business.

People today are becoming more and more involved in an aesthetic appearance. Where foot cleansing and massage was at one time reserved for the wealthy, all classes are availing themselves of this service today. The environment provided by your place of business will draw customers to your door over and over again.

The spa pedicure chair can be the most cost effective purchase you can make in your line of business. While you perform the procedure, your client can relax with a good book or simply indulge in a bit of shuteye. Others will enjoy the handy holder that keeps their favorite beverage easily within reach. You can relax knowing that your customer is fully satisfied with the service being rendered to them.

Most of traditional whirlpool jets for pedicure spa are depleted and replaced with new pipeless jets. Therefore, no more worries that your spa chair is not sanitized. However in case some dealer still carry that traditional jets, make sure to speak with specialist about the chair before making a purchase.

In case if you still carry the traditional whirlpool jets, make sure to clean it meticulously after each customer to avoid


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May 24, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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